Sandbag Bunker with roof 28mm ** Revised 2017-07-07 by Jerry_3d

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3D model of deweycat
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is a 28mm remix of Marko's file.
I up-sized it to 28mm, created the support...Show more beams for the roof, which added some height to allow based 28mm figures to stand upright, added texture to the wood parts with Meshmixer, and mirrored the sand bags on the left side to the right side to lengthen the sandbag coverage.
To finish I primed, painted with cheap acrylic paint, and dry brushed. I added medical gauze, coloured with craft paint, to represent a poorly placed camo net.
please note the support beams go along the side, as in the pic. I glued with with epoxy; CA won't work because the fit isn't tight.
BTW, that is a 3D printed 28mm British 17 pounder ATG in the pic; it is a big gun: you can fit a ten man section in the bunker on 25mm bases.
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