Yugoslavian M3a3 Pak 40 SPG - 28mm by Jerry_3d

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This is a very unique model, representing a Yugoslav adaptation of the M3a3 tank...Show more supplied to the Yugoslavian partisans by the British. The title Yugoslavian "partisans" does not do them justice, as by 1944 they were operating as a fully operational army, and fielded two armoured brigades. At least five M3a3 tanks were modified by removing the turret and mounting a captured Pak40.
I started with the accredited model of the M3a3 ( an outstanding model ), modified the rear piece (a separate file) and added tools to same. I created the side armour shields and modified Alainkif's excellent Pak 40. The hull MG is not added to the file as it is too fragile IMHO so I left a recess and I used a short piece of paper clip to represent the barrel of the hull Browning MG.
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