Go Pro post for kayaks by Louis

Model Description
Parts needed to built a custom Go Pro mount to attach to the back of your white water kayak. Provide a great point of view for filming the padler and the incoming...Show more river features.
Printed parts:
- 1x Bell/Cloche
- Bottom plug for metal tube
- Top tip with hinge to attach GoPro case
- Long handle for M4 screw

To complete this kit, you need:
- Curtain pole as the post/mast (16mm OD) from the local hardware store
- Stainless Steel M4x30 hex head screw and nut to attach the GoPro
- Stainless Steel 1/4x1in screw to attach the post/mast to the bell
- J-bolt 5/16x5in and nut.
- Go Pro camera
- White water kayak
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