40k third line of defense by Justin_D

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3D model of chaos_maker
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

i was in the middle of listening to "siege of vraks", narrated by...Show more "arch warhammer" on youtube and i remembered that i really wanted to fight in the shadows of a wall.

the thing is: to build a wall that would fit the dream, i would need absurd amounts of plastic.

so lets do the next best thing and build it modular:
the model in front of you is highly modular and for it self can be used as defensive wall.
in a next step, i (or someone else) will draw a "second line of defense" modul, that this one can be fitted on, making it higher.

the whole model is build around the idea to use as little material as possible

print it with the given orientation and without support.

remixed from the wonderful work of snowman77
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