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SimonSolar2C 3DPrintChCh 3D printing photoSimonSolar2C 3DPrintChCh 3D printing photoSimonSolar2C 3DPrintChCh 3D printing photo
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ
Providing personalised, professional FDM 3D print service from Christchurch New Zealand. We can advise...
Materials: ABS, FLEX, PLA +3 materials
Minimum Charge: $12.99
Shipping: $10.00
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ABS 3D printing material

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a lightweight thermoplastic with low flexibility and is not considered food safe. ABS plastic exhibits high strength, impact resistance and toughness, and is ideal for moving parts, automotive parts, electronic housing, toys, and small parts.

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