Have you ever lost someone dear to your heart? It’s always hard to accept the fact that this person is no longer with us, but all the memories and good times are what we cherish and use to help us deal with the loss. Students from the University of Wisconsin have used modern technology to create a smart stand called Legasee, that can showcase the life story of an individual on a smart phone.

Keeping the Memories Alive

So how does Legasee work? It’s a 3D printed smart stand that comes with an encoded NFC chip with a printed QR code. Using a smart phone, people can scan the barcode to reveal a personalized webpage or a pre-existing social media profile like Facebook dedicated to the life of the person and contains stories, pictures and videos. Legasee has now launched on Kickstarter and their crowdfunding campaign is asking for $10,000 for Legasee to officially launch. In the meantime, the students are offering to help people to work on their own autobiography so they can set up a smart stand for themselves and have their memories live on long after they are gone.

Why Legasee?

The idea of incorporating a QR code is not new and is already provided by several funeral agencies. However, they charge around $100 and the code is placed directly on the headstone which comes across as rather obtrusive. With Legasee, the code is attached to a separate and inconspicuous stand, with the top and base printed in ABS plastic and covered with a hydrophobic mixture. The result is that they are more than 10 times cheaper to produce and twice as secure. 

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