The successful growth of 3D printing technology continues to help both the civil and the defense industry achieve what was previously thought impossible. The defense industry usually keeps their cards close to their chest but not this time, with the Pentagon releasing a video to the public showing off their new micro-drones.

The micro-drones have a 3D printed outer-mold which drastically reduced the time and cost of production. They were successfully tested by launching them from a moving F-16 fighter jet, and so as to not collide with one another, are equipped with sensors that use computer algorithms for autonomous flight.

These tiny drones have again shown that 3D printing technology has become an integral part of military prototyping and production, offering a fast and affordable technology in the industry.

With 3D printing becoming more affordable and accessible to regular users, 3D printed drones are now explored by hobbyists and enthusiasts. If you are interested in learning more about printed drones, we recommend you check out this article from Flying Drones 101.

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