Designing the mask

I got the inspiration for the Deadshot mask from one of my best friends who is crazy about his comics. My first thought was that it looks quite complicated, so I decided to make the Katana mask first (I wrote about this in previous post). I used Blender to design the mask after carefully looking at quite a few images I sourced from promo material from the movie Suicide Squad. First, I made a blank using the Subdivide Surface modifier in Blender. I formed the head, neck, eyes and ears, as well as added holes near the mouth so the person wearing it can breathe. Then I used Sculpt Mode for adding the details. With the help of Crease and Pinch, I highlighted segments of the cheeks, forehead, and temples. Then I cut out the holes for the eyes. Using the Solidify modifier, I made the mask thicker. Finally, I separated it into several parts for 3D printing. 


To print the mask, I used my Ultimaker 2 with white PLA. For optimal results when 3D printing, I recommend these parameters in Cura:

These parameters are almost the same as the ones I used for printing the Katana Mask. I set the Fill Density of the mask to 25%, as it was quite thin. The temperature of the bed was set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a lot of supports needed, but it still turned out looking very nice. The speed of printing the bottom layer was 10 mm/s, and for the top layer it was 25 mm/s. Outer/Inner shell speed: 50 mm/s. The height of the layer is 200 microns as the mask is rather large. All other parameters are pretty standard and the whole process took about 30 hours to complete.

Girl in bikini wearing the deadshot mask at the beach

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Post Print processing

Post print processing took about 8 hours in total. Why so long you ask? The cyber-eye was quite tricky to do. The mask itself was covered with acrylic paint, followed by a protective transparent coat. You can see the whole process here. 

Girl in bikini posing with a deadshot mask at the beach

Unusual cosplay

Actually, the cosplay was supposed to be quite usual, but a friend of mine didn’t finish the costume in time. So, my girlfriend suggested some cosplay on the beach with a twist. I liked the idea, and now you can see the result of “What if Deadshot had a hot sister?”.  I would appreciate it if you check out my other models in my store, and shoot me a message if you have any questions.

Written by I.Mark    

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