The scope of 3D printing applications is enormous, and it seems that there are no boundaries. Home Goods and Technology are among the most popular categories on Treatstock. However, the greatest obstacle designers face nowadays is that most products in these categories are readily available for purchase online. That is why you should always think twice before creating something over-supplied in the marketplace and may prove difficult to sell. Remember, 3D printing does not serve as a substitution to everyday purchases, but rather to create something customized and unique. Don’t waste your time on making something that can be bought easily at your local supermarket or online store.

The main advantage of 3D printing is the opportunity of creating unique objects within a matter of hours (sometimes it can take several days, but that is still considered reasonably fast in production terms). These capabilities are the key features of 3D printing technology. Research what people need but can’t find in the stores. This can include various parts of different mechanisms, prototypes, mock-ups, souvenirs, and promotional products. Many successful companies are catching on to the benefits of 3D printing. For example, it is becoming more popular with body shops because this technology can reproduce plastic parts that are no longer in production and very hard to find. Just recently, wedding planners and event planners started using additive technologies for creating all sorts of decorations for their clients. As you can see, the use of 3D printing is becoming more and more widespread.

With our global 3D printing network, Treatstock can help you to connect with customers from all over the world. You can do this by either uploading your model to the site and get paid every time the design is printed, or get hired as a specialist to create a unique product for businesses or individuals.

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