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The Mark Two 

Certification - This printer is not certified yet

Build area
320 x 132 x 154 mm
Layer resolution (highest)
100 micron (0.004 in.)
Minimum Charge:
Materials and Colors
Kevlar-reinforced nylon
HSHT Fiberglass
3D printed examples
Advanced World Products 3D printing photo
Print fully functional parts with our Advanced Onyx Nylon Base Material (Onyx=Nylon + Chopped Carbon Fiber) and add continuous Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or Fiberglass to...Show more create parts stronger than 6061-T6 Aluminum.

ONYX is vs. ABS
233% Tougher, 39% Stronger, 47% More Heat Resistant, 27% Stiffer.

ONYX – NO POST PROCESSING Delivers stunning matte black finish without mechanical or chemical finishing.

ONYX – ACCURATE STABLE PARTS Added Micro-Carbon Fiber delivers increased dimensional stability and near 100% print success rate.

ONYX – MARKFORGED ADVANTAGE Onyx can be used alone or further reinforced with Fiberglass, Kevlar & Carbon Fiber.

ProJet 3500 HDMax 

Certification Pro

3500 Pro1.jpg3500 Pro2.jpg3500 Pro3.jpg
Build area
298 x 185 x 203 mm
Layer resolution (highest)
16 micron (0.0006 in.)
Minimum Charge:
Materials and Colors
VisiJet M3
3D printed examples
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The ProJet 3500 HDMax uses MultiJet Printing technology to deliver robust, durable, high quality plastic parts. Layer Resolution starts at 32 Micron and can print...Show more as fine at 16 Micron Layers.

We run VisiJet Crystal Material (clear) and is USP VI Certified.

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