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FDM-Print `330 mm (L) * 330 mm (B) * 390 mm` (Filament Druck)
SLA-Print `192 mm (L) * 120 mm (B) * 250 mm` (Kunstharz Druck)
Wash´N´Cure `192 mm (L) * 120 mm (B) * 250 mm` (Kunstharz Wäsche)
CNC Milling `800 mm (L) * 600 mm (B) * 100 mm`

Sie benötigen einen 3D-Druck -Modell?


-3 Achs CNC Nachbearbeitung
-durch Wassertransfer-Betruckt (verschiedenste Muster)
-Händisch Nachbearbeitet

Sie benötigen auch das Design? ---- Gerne erstelle ich mit ihnen über ein Cloud PC Streaming ihr Design.

Kleinunternehmer gem. § 19

Do you need a 3D printed model?


-3 axis CNC post-processing
-water transfer Printed- (various patterns)
-Manually post-processed

You also need the design?

write to me.

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Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, DE
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10


Dec 24, 2019
All_About is a manufacturing company located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The vendor operates the FDM machine and prints in PLA in different colors. Also, the provider offers 3D milling services. Our test part was printed in green PLA. The vendor managed to complete the test item within a day and in good quality. The surface of the item is neat and shiny, all the little parts are printed nicely and clean too.
Printed on: Adventurer 3
Material: PLA
Review image #1253280Review image #1253279
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December 18, 2019

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