About Bryan's BluePrince Hub

Mechanical Engineer operating full-time out of Thornton, CO specializing in consumer-grade products. Quality of a print is paramount. You can count on good communication, and overall satisfaction with your print from this Hub.

MATERIAL SELECTION and print settings are geared toward functionality. The high-quality of the printer will make the piece look nice. XT and ABS are tough materials that provide great aesthetic while having the strength to be used in real-world applications. XT has the slight advantage in strength for those parts going to work. (Caution: PLA and it's alloys tend to run very brittle, making them generally unsuitable for functional application. XT and ABS serve both beauty and function which is why I offer these materials and not PLA)

COLORS will be included shortly in the photos section. Until then I can provide you with temporary samples as needed. Just ask!

RESOLUTIONS are provided as sample ranges. I can provide any range of resolutions (0.1mm and up), so don't hesitate to ask for permutations of services not listed. (Note: To put it into perspective, generally 0.2 to 0.25 is sufficient for an aesthetically pleasing espresso cup-sized part =). Feel free to ask and I can help you decide)


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