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About High Fly Designs 3D

Operating since 2015, High Fly Designs has been providing digital and physical design and media services to small businesses and individuals alike. We have a variety of 3d printers, from high resolution FDM/resin and bulk size for large fast prints. Contact us for all your needs!

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Bryan, Texas, US
Business type Service Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Incoterms -
Total Employees <10
Year established 2015
Annual turnover ($) 100


Apr 20, 2021
High Fly Designs 3D is an experienced manufacturing company located in College Station, Texas. The vendor operates FDM machines and offers to print in PLA and PETG in various colors. On top of 3D printing, the supplier offers design services. Our test part was printed in PLA blue within 24 hours. The result came out as expected: all the key surface features turned out solid, the dimensions of the model are accurate.
Printed on: FolgerTech FT5
Material: PLA
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February 19, 2021