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Whether it be small production parts or large prototypes, we have the tools to bring your CAD into the physical world. We offer both SLA printing with the Form 2 in a number of resins as well as traditional FDM printing. We have been 3D printing since 2012 with the Solidoodle 2 FDM printer and we've steadily grown our printing services, expanding into resin and specialty resin printing to compliment our FDM operations.

We provide true SLA resin printing instead of DLP resin printing which allows for greater X/Y resolution compared to DLP, as well as the ability to offer more specialty resins such as high temperature, castable, and engineering resins.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10


Aug 27, 2020
Hunter's Additive Manufacturing is a 3D printing service located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They offer FDM and SLA 3D printing technology with a variety of materials. Our test model was printed in grey resin within a few hours. All the fine elements such as "antennas" and bridges appear solid and precise. The surface finish looks clean and smooth.
Printed on: Form 2
Material: Resin
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