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I am a 3D Printer and with me you can turn your ideas into 3D objects you can hold in your hands or even wear them! Your prints are safe with me. Ideal for prototype and functional parts, as well as design object.
Good quality comes from outstanding software for turning your file into code I can understand as quick as possible. That is why Simplify3D, #1 in the industry, is my partner for choice. The faster the processing the sooner you will hear from me with a ready smooth print.

I normally don't charge for extra support material but it all depends from different factors. However there might be a charge if you want the part printed with 100% infill (=solid inside) or for any necessary modelling please mention it in your order.

Delivery is made by RM and signed for. If you are not around to sign it they will leave you a card so your prints will never get lost in the post.

P.S. Completion and delivery time may vary according to model size, print resolution and material chosen. Hence deadline it’s ajusted accordingly with update on the printing process.

Print build size 200 x 200 x 200 mm.

Welcome to secliways! Let's print!
Business type Manufacturing Business
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LocationLondon, England, GB


Feb 13, 2020
all good, thanks
Response: Thanks for the review. Glad all good.
Printed on: Ultimaker 2+
Material: Different materials Different colors
Review image #1463166Review image #1463164
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