About Simply 3D Ltd

Simply 3D Ltd are specialists in transforming ideas & designs into three dimensional objects with depth and perspective. Prototypes, scale models or, short run production. Simply 3D Ltd bring ideas to life.

Our team consists of specialists in design and production from a variety of business sectors including; Automotive industry, Dental & Medical products, Engineering, Architectural industries and many more.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Other
Incoterms EXW
Total Employees 10-49
Year established 2019
Annual turnover ($) 1600000
LocationBasildon, England, GB


Jul 16, 2019
Simply 3D Ltd is a prototyping company located in Basildon, Great Britain. Their services include FDM and SLA 3D printing, product design and short-run production. For FDM printing they offer a huge variety of materials including PLA, PETG, ASA, HIPS and more. Our test part was produced on the SLA machine. It came out extremely precise and smooth. All details are accurate. Turnaround was quick, too.
Printed on: Form 2
Material: Resin
Review image #830412Review image #830413
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Work Examples / Production Process

IMG_1121 2.jpg5896AFDE-735B-4983-8877-5768B1DDD9CE.JPGCap-Filter 2.pngComplete.jpgDp1.jpgDp3.jpgh3.jpgIMG_0999.jpgIMG_1097.pngIMG_1253.jpgIMG_2120.jpeg