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You'll get easy, 1-on-1 service with my one man shop. Your print job will get my full focus, ensuring that your print comes out with the best possible result. We have the print capacity to handle larger qty orders as well, allowing us to print hundreds of items per week!
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Total Employees <10
LocationLas Vegas, Nevada, US


Nov 8, 2020
Printed on: Original Prusa i3 MK3
Material: Nylon
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Work Examples / Production Process

Lumos-Nox-1.jpgHeadphone stand-1.jpg
towel holder clip.mp4
Towel Holder.jpg
LumosNox Switch Plate.mp4
IMG_0293.jpgIMG_0296.jpgIMG_0297.jpgIMG_0300.JPGIMG_0288.jpg10P tray-1.jpg