Product price $26.99
Ship from San Antonio, TX, USA
Supply ability 10 pieces / day
Avg. production time 4 days


    3D Printed Dumpster Fire

    There are multiple options available, a plain Dumpster Fire, or one with a fire that actually lights up and flickers like a real fire!!! 

    Have you ever wanted to commemorate a complete dumpster fire you have experienced? Want to remind someone of a complete dumpster fire that happened?
    Well, here is your chance. This is a 3D printed Dumpster with fire included! Show off your dumpster fire to all your co-workers. I'm sure they will be jealous they don't have one!

    This measures approx 3" Tall, 3" Wide, and 1.75" deep. The Lighted Dumpster Fire option comes with a CR2032 battery that can be inserted positive (+) side facing out into the fire to light up your world (or fire). To turn off, simply slide the battery back out.

    If you wish to have it customized in a different color or with a text/logo, Just choose the appropriate customization. Desire a different size? Just ask for a custom quote (additional fees may apply)! Limit 10 characters per line, 3 lines total.

    These Dumpster Fires are Smokin'! (Dad Pun Intended). We have had to go into overdrive trying to fulfill all the orders we've been getting for Dumpster Fires, so please give us a little time to get yours printed and shipped, but we promise they will be HOT off the printer when they ship. (Okay I'll stop now with the Dad Puns)


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