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    Dice tower by Fates End

    We proudly present the Dice towers designed by Kim Bourrie of Fates Ends and produced by Malcominiatures as its debut on ETSY.

    The tower is a beautiful decorative element and an extremely interesting gaming accessory.

    At the top of each tower there is a tunnel into which we throw the cube. The cube rolls on the specially designed stairs until it falls onto the base of the tower.

    The tower is also available in a decorative version - without a cube hole.

    Write colour and hit the buy button!

    The height of the tower is approximately 25 cm (varies from 20 to 30 depending on towar model)
    The dimensions of the base of the tower are approximately 18 cm x 15 cm. varies from 15 to 20 depending on towar model).

    You can choose from:

    1. Artificer tower

    2. Assassin tower

    3. Barbarian tower

    4. Bard tower

    5. Cleric tower

    6. Dragon tower

    7. Druid tower

    8. Fighter tower

    9. Kraken tower

    10. Monk tower

    11. Paladin tower

    12. Ranger tower

    13. Rogue tower

    14. Sorcerer tower

    15. Warlock tower

    16. Wizard tower

    For painting we strongly encurge to choose from gray towers (or other neutral colours). Towers made from Fiberlogy PLA, 0.15 layer.  

    Shipping cost varies from 5 USD (POLAND) - 15 USD (Europe) - 35 USD (Worldwide). These are estimates only and need to be verified after order.

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