Small Curled Horns | Laura

Product price $15.95
Ship from Grand Junction, CO 81505, USA
Supply ability 1 set / day
Avg. production time 1 day
Product packaging Corrugated boxes
Shipping packaging Corrugated box
Incoterms FCA
    Black, White, Grey


    Small Curled Horns | Laura

    Small 3D printed horns, perfect for tieflings, fauns, fey, demons, devils, and decoration.

    This is a 3D printed product of a model made by our workshop intended for costuming or display. These are a raw print, we have only removed supports and excess material. These come with NO ATTACHMENTS, only a flat base for you to work with. You can sand, prime, paint, and make your own attachments. They are printed to be nearly hollow so they are very lightweight. We can print them in black (as shown), grey, or white.

    ===== Included =====
    2x - 3D Printed Horns, a left, and right side.

    These horns are symmetrical.

    ===== Size & Weight =====
    Default size: "fun bun" sized

    98 x 71 x 77 mm   or    3.9 x 2.8 x 3 inches

    Send us a message if you would like them printed in a different size, we can set up a custom order for you since pricing will change.

    For more information on this product or about commissions please leave us a message!

    Have something specific in mind that you don’t see? Send us a message! We may be able to make just what you’re looking for.

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