Garlic Storage Container

Product price $10.00
Ship from London, ON, Canada
Supply ability 2 pieces / day
Avg. production time 1 day
Product packaging Corrugated boxes
Shipping packaging Corrugated box
Incoterms CPT
    Garlic Storage Container


    Garlic Storage Container

    Garlic is best stored in a well ventilated area and away from the light. This fun container stores garlic bulbs in darkness and has vents to provide airflow.

    The center of the base is raised to ensure an open space for good air circulation. The design includes tabs on the base and top parts that ensure the two halves are centered when closed.

    It can be made in any size to suit large or small bulbs of garlic, the standard size holds bulbs up to 70mm in diameter.

    Easy to use, just add garlic!

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