Winter Soldier Mask

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Supply ability 4 pieces / day
Avg. production time 2 days


    Winter Soldier Mask

    This mask was designed to resemble the Winter Soldier mask (AKA Bucky Barnes, James Buchanan Barnes, bucky, bucky Winter). 

    This mask includes elastic head straps and foam lining the nose, chin, and cheeks for comfort. 

    The head straps are made from an elastic material that has fasteners attached to the ends for adjustments.  This gives you a much more comfortable experience compared to other 3D-printed masks. 

    This mask is printed with PLA+ (biodegradable) plastic which is a high-quality material that is more durable than foam, cloth, and any normal PLA. 
    PLA+ is 10 times stronger than normal PLA materials and is a Matierl made from renewable resources like corn starch and sugar cane. This mask will last you a lot longer than most cosplay-designed items and is much more durable.

    Filters are available for the inside for wearing as covid protection. Please choose the option with a filter for better protection. 

    How to measure:

    First measurement: Top of the nose to below the chin (stop just below the jaw)
    Second measurement: Ear to ear (Going over the tip nose) 

    Kid Size:

    1. Top of the nose to below the chin - 5 1/4in
    2.  Ear to ear 10 3/4in


    1. Top of the nose to below the chin 5 1/2in
    2.  Ear to ear 11 3/4in


    1. Top of the nose to below the chin 5 3/4
    2.  Ear to ear 12 1/4in


    1. Top of the nose to below the chin 6 1/4in
    2.  Ear to ear 13in

    Please message me if you have any questions or concerns. : )

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