Santa's 8 Piece Cookie Cutter Train Set

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Supply ability 25 pieces / week
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    Santa's 8 Piece Cookie Cutter Train Set

    This eight piece santa train set is just perfect for making cookies at christmas and can be used either as cookie cutter or as stamps.

    The set includes four cookie cutters and four stamps in the shape of a train and carriage 

    3d designed and then printed using a 3d printer using a filament called PLA.

    Hand wash only in luke warm soapy water. Do not put in the dishwasher

    The set includes santa sat on a train and three carriage which has a christmas bell, candy cane and candle 

    Each cookie cutter has a depth of 15mm and the stamps have a depth of 6mm

    **Please note this cookie cooker set is handmade and is made to order and does not fall into the catergory of returns unless it is found to be faulty when the product arrives**

    Stamp Dimensions:

    Santa train Height 92mm Width 81mm

    Bell Height 90mm Width 62mm

    Candle Height 87 Width 42mm

    Candy Cane Height 90mm Width 59mm