Product price ≥ 1 piece at $27.76/pc.
≥ 6 pieces at $24.98/pc.
≥ 11 pieces at $22.48/pc.
≥ 25 piece at $20.23/pc.
    Base Materials
    .040 Rigid White Aluminum
    Mounting Options
    Mounting holes (adhesive tabs available for purchase)
    Standard Sizes
    Standard sign sizes and custom sizes are available
    Outdoor Durability
    Water Resistance
    Chemical Resistance
    UV Resistance
    Temperature Resistance
    -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 80°C)


    Notice All Drivers Sign

    The Clarion BE material uses our premium .040 (40-mil.) rigid white aluminum sign material. It is primarily used for various interior commercial, industrial and institutional facility signage applications but is suitable for a variety of applications where high performance and the strength and durability of nonrusting rigid aluminum in an indoor environment is a requirement. Such applications include but are not limited to facility safety signs, equipment location signs, security signs, environmental awareness sign and construction signs. Clarion BE material is recommended for mounting to flat surfaces. 

    Specification Compliance

    Clarion standard designs meet ANSI Z535.1-2017 Standard for Safety Colors. 

    Expected Life

    Indoor: Long term Outdoor: 3 – 5 Years (expected outdoor life may vary due to climatic conditions)