PieBoy Handheld Retro Game Console

Model Description
I design this raspberry pi retro handheld gaming console from scratch because I cannot find the specific ready-made case for all my needed parts for my personal...Show more retropie console project. The printed case came out good and fit every parts just nicely. And I'm really enjoying playing all those retro games from snes and gameboy advance. Really satisfied with the final product.

Design and drawing using solidworks.

As for reference, the parts that I use in this built is as follows:

1. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
2. 5-inch HDMI LCD display with hdmi link connector (from aliexpress)
3. Hacked SNES USB gamepad (from ebay)
4. USB Li-ion charging circuit board (from dx.com)
5. 2000mah 3.7v li-ion battery (taken from my broken china tab)
6. mini 2.5w amplifier board
7. 2x 4ohm mini speaker
8. power switch
9. 2 extra tactile switch for left/right shoulder button
10. mini wifi dongle (for roms transfer)
11. some wires and screws

--about the hdmi lcd display

--about the snes gamepad
To simplify my build (also to save time) I just dismantle the usb gamepad, reuse all the pcb, the silicone switch, the buttons and d-pad itself. As for the usb connection, I soldered directly the wires from the pcb to the usb pad on Rasp-Pi. All internally connected. It works just great but future plan will use analog stick for more easy control.