Raspberry Pi Zero Stem Case v2 1

Model Description
Following on from our [Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W Stem Case](https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2488949) we've created a new version with many...Show more improvements.

This is a case for the Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W with the "Stem" by [zerostem.io](http://zerostem.io) - a PCB shim that turns it into a dongle.

The enclosure has been redesigned to be a much better, all around enclosure with two interlocking parts, rather than a box with a simple lid.

The case is now 2mm shorter allowing for a much better fit for the Pi Zero with Stem.

There are two bases and four top sections allowing for options to access the HDMI and USB ports and/or the header or completely enclosed.

All versions of the case leave just enough access to the micro SD card for a pair of tweezers or small pliers

The USB port for power is intentionally enclosed as it's redundant with the Zero Stem and should not be used.

The case is still designed to be glued together as there is insuficient room to create reliable snap-fit lugs internally.

As always; the SketchUp file is included.

## v2.1

* Updated top_b2.stl to provide better clearance around the header.
* Updated top_a1.stl to provide better clearance around the HDMI and USB ports.
* Updated top_a2.stl to provide better clearance around the header, HDMI and USB ports.
* Updated SketchUp file.