Tube Slingshot 30cm ballon compatible by Riccardo

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This is 3D printable, High power Tube slingshot. I made it so that the pouch can be any 30cm sized ballon making it cheap and easy to fix. From my experience with...Show more it so far I can safely say that it can shoot anything you can fit in it, although large and edgy items may result in having to change the pouch more than necessary. I Found that the best items to shoot are steel balls, bearings, pen caps, screws and small coins. Please note that slingshots are dangerous and you should always wear eye protection when handling them as well as never use them on others. Have fun!

How To Assemble: The Slingshot is made by 3 things:

- The 3D printable Top Part
- The 3D printable Bottom Part
- One 30cm Ballon

To get the Slingshot up and shooting you will first need to put the 30 cm ballon over the Bottom Printed Part. To do that first cut away the thick rubber ring on the ballon and slide the remaining ballon body over the boom part. when the Bottom part is completely covered by the stretched ballon use the previously cut rubber ring to lock the ballon body in place. now that the rubber ring is locking the ballon body in position simply slide and lock in place the Top 3D printed part over the Bottom part with the 2 pin looking mechanism. its this simple steps you have assembled the slingshot.

Maintenance: if/when the ballon brakes simply unlock the bottom part from the Top part with a turning motion, remove the broken ballon and repeat the assembly process.

PS. I have made the kit to have 3 sets of the Top and Bottom of the slingshot so that you can experiment with colours and materials.

Printing Settings:

Printer I use: Anycubic Kossle Linear Plus
Slicing software I use: Cura
Material: PLA, any colour ( I only tested PLA as I do not normally use other materials and I am perfectly happy with the result, but you are free to print it however you want :D )

Resolution: I suggest 0.1mm layer height. I found it leaves the final product stronger when it comes to layer adhesion.

Infil: 100%. final Product will be about 29g/28g. The solid infill will make the slingshot very durable.

Print Speed: I printed it at 60mm/s on the printer "AnyCubic Kossle linear Plus", but you should adjust this setting based on your printer capabilities.

Supports: Not Needed. The Model is supposed to print without, but some overhangs may the tougher to print on your printer so consider your printer's capabilities before printing.

Build Plate Adhesion: I personally print this model with a 8mm Brim, but I found that it leaves a sharp edge which if not taken care of will result in eventually tearing the ballon pouch. Do Not print with a raft.

The rest of the Settings are left as default in the Cura slicing software.
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