Evil Anvils Complete ✱✱✱✱ by Symen

Model Description
A cube can split in two equal halves in many ways. A not so common method we found is named the Dovetail Cube. Two Dovetail Halfcubes can be combined in puzzle...Show more pieces in many ways. If bounding faces overlap at least half or fully; twenty-two of them constitute a full set of interlocking pieces. These pieces, we named Evil Anvils, are used to create specific forms. This can be a very complicated task if performed without the help of a com­puter program.
In addition to the Evil Anvils Cube which has eight pieces, Evil Anvils Complete is the set which has all twenty-two pieces. It comes with a variety of puzzle-problems. E.g. make two 2x2x2 simultaneously, make two entangled 3x3-1-rings simultaneously, pack the full set in a (2x3x4-1x2) cup and many more apart from the challenges for Evil Anvils Cube. See: https://www.shorturl.at/ajsR0
The puzzle comes with a storage box.
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