Miniature Queen Anne Chaise Lounge by Tom_3dmodels

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3D model of prettysmallthings. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

A 1:24 scale Chaise for lounging, to match the rest of the parlor set.

*This...Show more is a Thing in Progress: I edited the leg fitting since printing this the first time. I don't expect any issues, but I haven't actually printed the update myself yet.

Building a Makerbot Playset? Scale the chaise up by a factor of 1.5 to get it into 1:18 scale.

Print on side as formatted. A small support rectangle will need to be trimmed of the back with an exacto knife.

Print from assembled print plate, without a raft. Or, print body and legs separately. Body should be printed without a raft. Four legs are required, and should be printed with a raft. Use the multiply option in skeinforge to print 4 at once.

Add a drop or three of acetone into the holes, and pop the legs into place.

This thing can be printed with the bottom placed on the build platform, but the angle at the back rest is a little over 45 degrees and loops tend to drop. The slicing lines are also more attractive when printed on its side.
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