Paper WindMill (approach) by Lesley_3ddes

Model Description
3D model of aubenc. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

I'm in that point of the design where I need to choose between:

Fix some minor...Show more flaws, add missing features, print and shout (done!)

Wait until some inspiration comes and I find the (easy) way to change those things that I (can tolerate but I) don't really love in this approach.

The "work in progress paper windmill" STL is not to be printed, you may try but be ready to have to deal with support.

If you really can't wait (anyone? no??) you can print 4x wipOw.stl (wip One wing).

I don't know if that little extra tip at the bottom will show up, if it does you'll need to remove it, glue the 4 wings together, drill a hole in the center and assemble to the tip of a pole :-P
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