A Few Bits for Emmett's Minimalistic Mk8 replacement by Lesley_3ddes

Model Description
3D model of aubenc. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

(9 coils of 1mm wire diameter for a total lenght of 25mm with an 10mm OD and 8mm,...Show more ID)

Bearings were also an issue, the only ones I had where some scavenged from old milling cutting tools (5x9.5x3.2 or something like).

Unfortunatelly, there's quite some work after printing.

2x Flat Head Machine Screws are required for each spring I used M3x10mm, a little bit longer should be also ok.

For the bearing I also used another M3x10mm and due to the dimensions of those bearings I found, I also used 2x M3 washers (not to eliminate but to decrease the gap up to a minimum.

You shouldn't need the tubes/bushings/shells/whatever if you use the right bearings.

Do not force anything* or you'll end up breaking it, use the OpenSCAD (full of parameters) if something doesn't fit.

(*) The only place where force MUST carefully be done is to mount the springs.
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