Flexible Tube POC by Lesley_3ddes

Model Description
3D model of aubenc. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Quite a wild test I wrote to try out Taulman's 618 Nylon (I would also love to give...Show more it a try using Ultimaker's Flexible PLA).

I got the Nylon just a couple of hours ago and I still need to tune tons of things, 1st impressions are very promising!

Some of the pictures show another test printed using PLA as material. In that test the "slope degrees" was set to 25degs (65degs overhang) I also got acceptable print quality with 20 degrees.

I'm trying many (too many) new (to me) things here so I better keep it short.

I think that the parameters should be quite "understandable", I included an OpenSCAD screenshot to show what exactly are some of those parameters. Good luck!

This thing is intended to be printed with the zero infill, zero shells trick.

Testing the Customizer:
Sooner or later I had to start :) Be careful with the "resolution" parameters, you may end up with a huge polycount part! Hope we will not crash anything...

Testing the Nylon:
I was getting nice flow at 230 C but layers where not bonding together good enough. The test in the pictures was made at 254 C which "I suspect" is far, and I mean far, too much. The part breaks quite easily. I also slow it down to 20mm/s. Layer height was set to 0.15mm. I'm thinking in trying again even slower, with a 0.5mm nozzle (that's gonna be difficult) and with a fat profile that lays down way too much material... we'll see...

More about testing the Nylon:
I have been reading about different ways to get the print stick to the build platform, the quickest I could try this morning was the "hairspray" solution but I though I would rather use some other spray... Glue spray! Looks like it works quite fine however...

It's such a dirty thing: I made a "window" in a large sheet of paper (DIN A3) to keep the printer clean, be careful !

Other tests
As I mentioned, I have been printing things like this using ABS and PLA, using active cooling for the PLA, the resulting parts look very nice however, and as expected, they are very easy to break!.
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