KaptonCaddy V1.1 by A.I.M.E.E.

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3D model of mr_megatronic. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Is your roll of super-wide Kapton tape lounging around, taking up space? Put it...Show more to work!

This is the first design of my KaptonCaddy! Just place your roll of tape on the base, and slide in the caddy core. It snaps together and becomes a handy carrying-case for your allen wrenches, nuts, bolts and other sundries. It has two swivel drawers, holes for tools and a basin up-top for bigger stuff.


The base is now part of the body. The tape roll now acts as a sleeve to hide the drawers. If you store any over-sized things in the top (like calipers) you may need to remove them to lift the roll off.

Test print #2 on its way!


Print all the parts (two of the drawers)

Assemble as shown.

Some sanding or cleaning may be needed for tolerances.
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