the Makerlele - MK1 by A.I.M.E.E.

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3D model of mr_megatronic. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This fully 3D printable ukulele (save for bolts and strings) uses an acoustic...Show more transducer to carry the lower frequency sound created by the strings to a very thin membrane on the bottom of the body. The sound is focused and projected out of channels in the body to (hopefully) create a fuller tone with reasonable amplitude.

I am still working on the design of the head and tuners. Right now, to have a good gear ratio for the prototype, I made the gears almost comically large.

I'm refining the design of the geared tuner head but I wanted to test the tonality to see if I was getting somewhere so I quickly designed a test friction head and tuning knobs to try it out.

I have uploaded all the current parts for everyone to TEST this EXPERIMENTAL design! Have fun!

A couple of notes: I am tweaking the body design. The bridge is a little wonky and the transducer pops right off! I have to think that one over a bit. The bottom membrane is only two layers thin. It is tricky to print and even trickier to remove from the platform. BE SUPER-CAREFUL TO NOT TEAR THE MEMBRANE OFF!

The sound the first prototype makes is bright as expected but it is pretty loud. A good sign!

NOTE: This friction head is for testing only, it will no longer hold a tune after a while without shims or other "friction-enhancers." The geared tuner is the solution to this, I'm just working to make it a better, more reliable print.

Stay tuned!

Print, bolt together, string, tune, and play!
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