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3D model of mr_megatronic. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

In the quest for 3D printed liquid containers, the okay just got okay-er!

While...Show more working on a different project, I needed to make a part that fit to a disposable flask's threaded opening. So I designed the neck of the opening and printed it to check the compatibility with the existing cap. It worked great so I was able to design that project and move along. But I was left with a threaded tube with nothing to do!

The PhLAsk is just a simple hip flash with a threaded cap. I printed it in black PLA at 220 micron layer height, three shells and 20% in-fill.

I filled it with water and left it in a dish overnight and it looks like there is no seeping. The cap doesn't seal 100% but it does so well enough to keep water from dripping out with gravity. A little pressure will cause a seep though. A gasket will fix this.

I have not tested other liquids with different surface tensions but for casual liquid portability, I will be using this little guy!

Bottom's up!

Print with PLA plastic at .22 mm layer height or denser, three shells and at least 20% in-fill.

Flask goes bottom-up and cap goes top-down!

Use a soft gasket to make the cap seal better.
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