4 Mohawks for Vorpal Hexapod by Ella_3dmodel

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3D model of uwcharlie1983. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

I wanted to design a mohawk for my Vorpal Hexapod. I decided that it would look...Show more better if the top of the cap was round, so I started by modifying the cap. Initially I designed the short mohawk then I decided to design a taller mohawk as well.

Afterward I realized that people may want to print them for the standard Vorpal cap they are already using so I modified both designs. In total there are 4 mohawks (short and tall ones for both modified and standard caps). I've also included here the model of the modified cap that I printed.

The CAD pictures are of the mohawk design for the standard cap. The pictures of the actual hexapod are all of the modified cap design (the short mohawk is in purple and the tall mohawk is a red/yellow combo).

The mohawks have a slot in the back for the standard Vorpal magnet which aligns with the magnet in the back of the cap. However, I've slightly flexed both mohawks to get them onto the tabs for the modified cap and they stay on rigidly by themselves without a magnet. I suspect the mohawks for the standard cap will squeeze the top of the cap and stay on in the same manner
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