Zombie Kit Card by Carol_3dmode

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3D model of nakozen. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Board up your windows and doors, stock up on tinned tomatoes and toilet...Show more paper, because tonight the streets belong to the living dead!
Wishing I'd come up with this a little earlier in the month, but this year's Hallowe'en kit is here! He stands tall even while lurching over to nab the nearest fresh victim!

I'll likely return to this model overtime to add more variants and such...

There are 2 variants of the kit with the zombie facing either direction to add a little bit of variety for anybody thinking about raising an undead army! Individual part files are included for those uninterested in the format!

If it's still a little wobbly, try increasing the Z axis (uppy-downy) by 10-20%!
Bribes accepted for any edits... ;)
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