Professor Farnsworth by santormae

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3D model of davision3d
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Farnsworth-E-Fin is a shell mesh with generated support in meshmixer and additional...Show more pillars have been added.
The software of my printer generated even more support so I can't tell if it works out with every printer.
To print him in a 12x12x12cm printer he has to be rotated 45 degrees.

A part of the neck had to be cut off to lay him on the back of his head. The missing part can be printed seperately and then glued on.
The glasses are seperate. To get a better transparency the "sidewards" version is recommended but it might require generated support.
The "downwards" should work good in any case but a raft is strongly recommended since the temples are very thin.

Farnsworth-solid-NoSupport is without support, solid and not split.
Farnsworth-shell-NoSupport is without support, a shell and split.
Farnsworth-SourceFull-Solid is the whole model together, solid and seperated in the .obj (glasses and temples need to be thinner when printed seperately)
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