Revan's Lightsabers by that_guy_wit

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The lightsabers of the legendary Jedi and Sith Lord, Revan! This includes both...Show more designs from Knights of the Old Republic and from The Old Republic.

Each saber is labeled "TOR" and "KotOR" respectively. Be sure to print 4 of the Emitter guards, 3 Grip A's and 3 Grip B's for the TOR hilt. If you find that the whole Emitter Guard will not fit on your bed, I included it split into two parts labeled 'SPLIT Emitter Guard - Top and Bottom'. All of the STLs are in the orientation I printed them, personally I printed the Emitter Guards with support generated in Cura (if using the split emitter guards, that would correspond the Top piece). That is the only supported piece.

It is best when assembling the TOR saber to stack all of the necessary pieces and then slide the Emitter Guards through all of the pieces. Happy Printing!
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