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3D model of turbo_sunshine
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is my Print in Place Distance Measuring Tool!
While not necessarily a...Show more precision tool, its just as fun to play with as with a tape measure!

How to print:
-Use 0.2mm layer height or finer!
-NO supports
-The "point marked" version is slightly easier to print. but still quite difficult.
-Clearances in this part are 0.3mm. add Horizontal expansion compensation as required.

How to use:
-Step 0) Marking and prep: If you chose to print the friction weld version, you will need to friction weld a piece of 1.75mm filament into at-least one of the cycloid holes.
Using a rubber band to avoid the wheel from slipping is a good idea. (see video)

-Step 1) Zero out the tool: make sure the arrow on the grip is pointing straight down at the surface you want to measure. And that the mark (or letter) on the cycloid is in the zero position. (shown in video)

-Step 2) Measure: Roll the tool along the surface. Make sure you chose the correct rolling direction! There are arrows on the top indicating the rotational direction.

-Step 3a) read the "rest" measurement:
See picture, if the wheel doesn't stop with the grip-arrow pointing exactly at the Zero position, you will have to calculate how far past it it rolled. since the Wheel has 17-pins, you simply divide the "number of pins past 0" with 17. in the example shown, its 3 pins past 0. this means our rest is (3/17) X 0.25m

-Step 3b) read the full rotations measurement:
See the last picture. Now that we know our rest, we can rotate the wheel back to zero, and count how many full rotations the wheel has done. this we do by counting the cycloidal marks between our initial mark, and the current zero. in this case its 6. That leaves us with 6 X 0.25m for this step.

-Step 4) add up the rest and full rotation:
no simply ad the 2 together:

(3/17)x 0.25m + 6 x 0.25m=

((3/17)+6) x 0.25m = 1.544m
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