Big Love <3 - Heart Gears by Johnnn_3d

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3D model of faberdasher
The models were repaired and checked for printability.


Heart gears supersized - pump up the volume 600% baby!

Emmett's...Show more Heart Gears scaled linearly by 180% for maximum loving. The largest part is 12x12x7.5cm. The layout was tweaked and I pushed some polygons for slightly better slicing.


Because of a known bug in Slic3r, we recommend Skeinforge for this model.

For smooth transitions over the curves, try 3x perimeters, 4x solid layers and drop your infill to a cheeky 10% to save material. Our print weighed in at 0.6kg. Print the connecting pins as normal and use Multiply to get the number required (4x short, 4x long).

Print in gorgeous Cherry Blossom Pink PLA :)

There are some pretty bold overhangs, so try a desk fan lightly blowing across your build to avoid curling edges. Minimize warp by printing on Kapton and increase your heated bed by 5-10C.

Gears 2 and 4 are mirrored but not quite identical, so test them for fit (without pins) to check what side they go on (front or back of the heart). The same is true for Gears 5 and 7.
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