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These little polyhedra snap together, for the ultimate festive garland! A little...Show more more challenging to make (see instructions), but a great project to build with friends and family. Sit down with a glass of something sparkling and enjoy snapping your garland together!

This is a more challenging design to print- but well worth it!
Each bead only has a small area of contact, so make sure your bed is level and use Blue Tape for good PLA adhesion. Slice with 2 shells (/perimeters) and 1% infill. We prefer coarse resolution (0.3mm) purely for speed.

To test your machine is tuned in, start off with the minimal 'Starter' set, before attempting an epic build!

Created in stunning Faberdashery Bling Bling Gold PLA^ and Arctic White PLA^. Each 1 meter of Garland requires 51 pieces ~60g of material (~7m of 3mm / ~20m of 1.75mm filament). For bonus points build sets in complimentary colours :)

When you remove the finished pieces, they may require some 'fettling' to widen the hole. It shouldn't require too much force to insert the other half. The process is strangely addictive- and a great shared build with someone special... Snap Together!
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