Make #7 - Tree Light by Johnnn_3d

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3D model of faberdasher
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This little tree will shine a light into your home. Designed to work with an LED...Show more tea-light it will add a gentle glow to your Christmas collection.

Slice with 2 shells (/perimeters) and 0% infill (the Tree Light is designed to be self supporting). At coarse resolution (0.3mm), you will find prints extra shimmer (and print quicker!).
Created in stunning Faberdashery Pearly White PLA^.

Object requires ~12g of material (~2m of 3mm / ~5m of 1.75mm filament). Place an LED 'Tea Light' (~38mm dia.) inside the hollow base (available on ebay), or for a simple hanging tree decoration, we've provided a smaller version.
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