Turtle Shell Racer – Low Power Edition by Stephen_3dst

Model Description
3D model of skimbal
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

I think we can all agree, life would become much more interesting if I launched a blue...Show more shell at you every once and a while.

But it’s no fun if I’m the only one with a shell to launch. Therefore…

Blue Shells for Everybody!!!

All you have to do is print it out and assemble!

This is the Low Power Edition of the Turtle Shell Racer and it is Non-Functional as Designed. The Cheep RC Car can’t provide enough power to get the much heavier printed body moving. I am aware of this flaw, and it is the reason I designed the much more complex High Power Edition of the Turtle Shell Racer.

My hope is that this non-functional design it will inspire someone with circuit bending experience to developed a way to increase the power of the coming from the Cheep RC Car Electronics. A well documented hack would make this into a fully functional design.

This design has fewer printed parts and is much easier to build than its High Power brother. Most of its moving components are taken from the donor rc car.
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