Complete Early Works 2013 /28mm Version for Resin/ 75 Figures by Lindsey_3d

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3D model of gamescape3d
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is the 28mm version. Intended for Resin Printers with weapons attached.
Could...Show more likely work fine on FDM machines with .1 resolution and correct supports.
for 32mm try 18% larger. 32% for heroic 32mm, adjust for taste.

These are my works from when I was just learning digital sculpting after a long hiatus from art. Some are awful others are God-awful. Still maybe they will inspire someone just starting out. They may even genuinely appeal some OSR folks.

This is a complete release of 2013-early '14 work, for personal use only! all meshes may require repair. mesh fixing has come a long ways since these were made. use netfab.
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