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The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Again, using the fab James Bruton 3D printed R2D2 as a basis, I've edited for...Show more accuracy (and thickened the legs as James did make them slightly thinner) along with adding a 15mm strengthener to replace the bodge James added for stability. This is still a work in progress so the final overall model hasn't been printed but overall seems very sturdy so far. The Legs are layered starting from 1 to 13, I've printed in ABS and acetone welded. Currently printing in three layers with 15% infill and seems strong enough but would recommend this as the very minimum. (Depends whether you're building a Static or eventually want a mobile droid. Good luck! 21st May - Nearly all parts added, Booster Cover modified (there's retrofit parts for those who've already printed it to glue on the top). Pretty much done (I haven't printed the whole thing myself yet though.). 28/5 added the inner and outer shoulder hub so the legs can be attached. Whole thing is using 6mm threaded bar and nuts along with 100mm lazy susans in and out. Here's a video of the 2-3-2 conversation mechanism (manual at the moment but wanted to test the stresses on the feet and legs. Very pleased!!

I've also added some Magnet Holders and a modified shoulder plate. Basically the Booster Cover is held on with two Magnets (10x4mm disc N52 disc), one attached to the Booster, the other to the modified shoulder Plate. Also added Shoulder Post Magnet holders which attach to the back plate inside with two holders on the Shoulder (again glued) positioned where it won't interfer with the Leg Mechanism. I'll post pictures of mine once complete. Just working with the 2-3-2 and the battery cover can rub the skirt, think I need a 4mm wider shoulders just for extra clearance. Will post a revised shoulder model and a post modification plate for the inside of the shoulders to save reprinting. Don't glue the shoulders to the legs for this reason. ** Added a Potentiometer bracket and arm for feedback to measure the leg rotation... Please Note the remaining design will be posted on Astromech.net (free to join and a great community).
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