R2D2 Droid Centre Leg Mechanism by Joe_3dmodels

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My design for the centre leg lifting / drop for 2-3-2 conversation. Work in progress,...Show more more to follow. Use M8 Threaded Bars and M6 Bars/ nuts. Added Centre Foot design. This is removable design with a 6mm nut holding the centre section in and 8mm hinge bar. I've added 4 x 5mm nut holes for a modular centre castor holder. I'll add this later. The Centre Foot is all glued together except the top centre hinge section which bolts in as descibed. Added drive gears, I demeled the flatspot on the 8mm threaded bar. The timing belt I used is Contitech Synchroflex, Timing Belt, 105 Tooth, 525mm Length X 10mm Width
Stock no.: 474-5599 from RS components. The gear is designed for this one. Just enabled tips to see what happens... Not even sure if it works as I can't see anything on my screen :-)
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