Angelic Knights by Kimia_3ddesi

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3D model of poseidworkshop
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Several variations of Angelic Knights can be made by using various parts...Show more included.

Special kind of horses are breed for this elite unit of Knights, selected and genetically modified much like the knights themselves.

The horses are covered in armour made of small Power Shields which consist of a thin sheet of Plasteel with small power field generator that produces a power field of disruptive shimmering energy sufficient to cover the surface of the shield and deflect fire and attacks by melee weapons.

A big thank you to all the amazing sculptors and modelers whose free creations I've used, you guys rock!

Here's a list of credits:

vovavolnuhin - horse
vb2341 - armour parts
cornivius - icons
grimdark -charm-braclet
Stronghero - horse parts
badabadok - chainmail
cornivius - purity seals
jorzar - wings
Sebtheis - hair
DarkAgeDesign - body
link03783 - arms
mrmcangry - plasma gun, bolt gun, chainsword, backpack
GobotheFraggle - hammer
DadhammerCustoms - sword
Vargo616 - logos
Tux_M - helms
Void_assault - helms, shield
alphaflight83 - shoulderpads
KrackendoorStudios - logo
Sariusmonk - halo
jifypop - wings

Special thanks to yaemhay for pimping up the cool looking armoured horse!

Also a great thanks to Games Workshop, for stealing all the best book and movie ideas and mixing them together into an awesome setting we all enjoy.
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