Kroot Ball, count as Tau Devilfish transport by Burt_3dmodel

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3D model of felixthecrazy
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Death comes in many forms. For this death, it's a ball. Also includes 2...Show more genetic gathering and sampling assistants for free.

For a Devilfish, it's the wrong shape, wrong size, wrong weapon options, and can't technically carry any Kroot, but it's lovely just the same. This was supposed to be a simple joke project that got out of hand. The level of detail isn't the same all over but it's taken up too much of my time and I just need to move on.

- Comes with open and closed version of the side and back hatches.
- It can either be assembled using 1.75mm filament as alignment pins or 10x2mm magnets.
- Magnets allow for easy breakdown to swap open/closed hatches or easier travel.
- Sides can be printed mirrored for more variety.
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