Giant Tetris Wall Art by Charlyn_3dst

Model Description
3D model of cowkitty
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

3D wall art tiles in the form of Tetriminos. Attach to walls with some ticky tack or...Show more nails.

Use these Tetriminos safely and responsibly. Improper use can set off OCD rage and Tetris PTSD table flipping in some folks.

Each piece has a plethora of holes for hanging in any orientation you'd like. (i.e. Rotate until you're happy.) Use the included stencil to place nails easily.

Want to make even bigger pieces but your print bed is too small? There's a single block included to build each piece bit by bit.

Printed on Makerbot Rep 2. 5% infill, 2 shells, and .30mm layer height, with the holes face down on the bed..

For the love of everything Pajitnov, do NOT forget to print a line piece. I cannot be held responsible for any shattered friendships, companies, or marriages due to lack of achievable Tetrises.
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